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In The Absence Of Pink

Deep Purple - In The Absence Of Pink

Deep Purple-In The Absence Of Pink
Gravação22 de junho de 1985
GêneroHard rock, Heavy metal
Duração100:00 min (2 CDs - 12 faixas)
GravadoraConnoisseur Collection
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Disco 1

01.   Highway Star [Live]
02.   Nobody's Home [Live]
03.   Strange Kind Of Woman [Live]
04.   A Gypsy's Kiss [Live]
05.   Perfect Strangers [Live]
06.   Lazy [Live]
07.   Knocking At Your Back Door [Live]

Disco 2

01.   Difficult To Cure [Live]
02.   Space Truckin' [Live]
03.   Speed King [Live]
04.   Black Night [Live]
05.   Smoke On The Water [Live]

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