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Front 242 - Mut@ge.Mix@ge

Front 242-Mut@ge.Mix@ge
GêneroEletrônica, Goa Trance
Duração72:38 min (1 CD - 12 faixas)
GravadoraRed Rhino
ProduçãoDaniel Bressanutti, Patrick Codenys
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01.   Rhythm Of Time [Messengers Of Neptune Mix By "The Orb"]
02.   Happiness [Dub Mix By "Underworld"]
03.   Gripped By Fear [Bunkerclub Mix By "Rico Conning"]
04.   Mixed By Fear
05.   Crapage [The Float Or Sink Mix By "The Orb"]
06.   Junkdrome
07.   Religion [Bass Under Siege Mix By "The Prodigy"]
08.   Happiness [Dance Mix By "Underworld"]
09.   Break Me [Female]
10.   Rhythm Of Time [Victor The Cleaner Mix By "Thr Orb"]
11.   Dancesoundtrackmusic [D.S.M.]
12.   Religion [Trance U Down Mix By "The Prodigy"]

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